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The Sutton Place Hotel Edmonton


10235 - 101 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 3E9

780.428.7111  Fax 780.441.3098

Toll Free Reservations 1.8663.SUTTON (1.866.378.8866)
Toll Free Billing Inquiries 1.800.961.7555

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The Sutton Place Hotel Edmonton is pleased to announce its involvement to comply with high standards of environmental responsibility. In addition to being a proud recipient of the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) 4 Green Key ECOmmodation rating, the hotel has also taken the following steps to conserve water, energy and to recycle.




 1. Recycle cardboard


 2. Recycle office papers


 3. Recycle food and organic waste


 4. Recycle glass


 5. Recycle aluminum and tin cans


 6. Recycle plastic


 7. Water Conservation:

a)  Installed low flow shower heads (All rooms completed).

b)  Preventative maintenance program to eliminate drippy faucets

     in public areas and kitchens in effect.

c)  On going process to install water saving toilets. Automatic Flushers

     in urinals have been installed.


 8. Electricity Conservation:

d)  New Chiller has been installed to maximize cost saving.

e)  Manual monitoring of meeting and banquet areas. Lights are turned

   off if not in use.

f)   Replace 90-watt incandescent bulbs in guest rooms with 38-watt

   compact fluorescent bulbs (in progress).

g)  Replace T12 fluorescent light in SPH bathrooms with T8 fluorescent

   lighting (in progress).

h)  Replace garage T12 fluorescent lighting with T8 fluorescent lighting

   with electronic ballasts.

i)   Replace T12 fluorescent lighting in LGR kitchens with T8 fluorescent

   lighting with electronic ballasts (in progress).

j)   Replace shell lamp 50 watt incandescent lighting with 9 watt

   compact fluorescent (completed).

k)  Install Direct Digital Control of heat pump loop circulating system

   (in progress).

l)   Replacement motors to all be energy efficient (in progress).

m) Replacement fluorescent ballasts to be T8 electronic if possible,

   T8 magnetic if not.

n)  All replacement light fixtures to compact fluorescent if possible.

o)  Exterior incandescent flood lighting replaced with High Pressure

   Sodium lighting or compact fluorescent (in progress).

p)  Automatic three hour lobby light and guest room floor shut off

  in the early morning period.


 9. Natural Gas Conservation:

Design program in building management software to maximize efficiency

of SPH heating/domestic hot water boilers (New H.E. Boilers in progress).


10. Implement reuse of sheet and towel policy in Hotel.  This is a program

by which Guests/Customer are invited to consider reusing the sheets

and towels for more than one use.


11. Behind the scenes collection of recyclable materials in Sutton Place

Hotel guest rooms. Currently looking to implement this initiative; Blue

Box Program (in progress).


12. Convert discarded towels and linens into rags or donate to local

charitable organizations.


13. Donate discarded mattresses.


14. Sell furniture and decorative items to staff or auction houses.


15. Guest room key cards are reused (after reprogramming).


16. Recycle waste cooking oils to rendering company.


17. Recycle used batteries from smoke alarms & door locks

(deliver to toxic materials dump)


18. Use of automatic dispenser for pool chemicals.


19. Controlled usage of A/C & lights on weekends & after weekday

business hours in offices & meeting rooms.



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